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International Shipment: Things to Consider when you are Packing

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International Shipment: Things to Consider when you are Packing

September 19, 2015 @ 6:43 am
by Yan
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What to pack and how to pack are two of the most frequently asked question when it comes to item shipments. It appears that more and more individuals are now starting to pay close attention to packing guidelines, new restrictions that go along with it, as well as costs in carrying their stuffs in the shipping vessel. When you are shipping internationally, it is necessary that all your packages are given greater care as compared to domestic shipment.

Keep in mind that your package will be handled not only by your carrier but also your host country. It may also be turned over to other handling facilities that have the jurisdiction on your items. Your shipment might be pushed, battered, dropped, or even rolled throughout the loading and unloading processes in the bureau that checks such packages. In order for you to be sure that your shipment is safe, here are some of the packing tips that you should follow:

Woman packs parcel in post officePreparing for the Shipping

Remember that safe shipping at all times begin at your own home. Follow these simple tips to get you out the journey started immediately.

  • Select an exact and appropriate box. In order for you to get the best result, if possible corrugated box that is sufficient and spacious enough to carry out equally your product at the same time enough material on all corner. Make sure that it is solid and strong enough to hold the long trip as well as the entire flaps are in better condition order.
  • Watch out to weight. It is appealing to maximize the weight of your box; however, you must avoid doing this. The number of it can be typically found at the top flap. If you will reutilize of an old box, its capacity may be compromised from the recent shipments.

Getting Ready and Safeguarding

  • Filler up. The cushioning will begin from the bottom to the top. Therefore, you will start for around 5cm of cushioning material such as bubble wrap, foam pads or packing peanuts prior to you even place your product within the box. Whether it is valuable or heavy, bump up that number even more, ensure that you will reach all the air pockets as well.
  • Merchandise in multiple Cushion and cover every item individually in order for them not to bump from each other in the transit. Take into account box-within-a-bunch for those items that are fragile or even products along with finishes that can be easily dirtied or scratched thus it will double your protective measures.
  • Protect against the elements. Expect damage sourced by extreme and strong temperature by wrapping as well as sealing your things.
  • Shake it up. Ahead of sealing your packages, make sure to close and shake it. If you will hear any items, you can further add until all will stay on its place.
  • Label it inside. Attach an extra copy of the shipping label within the package ahead of sealing it; make sure that it will reach your intended destination.

logistic-household-serviceSpecial Concerns

For those irregularly and erratically shaped items, you must discuss with your shipper. Here are some of the some typically shipped items that are strangely to pack tips in order for you to protect it:

  • Breakable collectibles – Let for at least 3inches of cushion surrounding your item, at the same time warp or box several time on the exterior of the box.
  • Electronics – Utilize anti-static materials, not blankets, foam packing or even paper. Contain original factory packaging if that would be possible.
  • Wall coverings and rolled fabrics – Utilize corrugated box or maybe a tightly taped and wrapped bag.
  • Artworks or antiques item shipping – Get rid of any glass and package it individually along with specialty items such as glass skin or glass mask, then package those prepared items individually. Ensure that the artwork does not have any contact with hardboard, paper and do not ever forget to involve an appraiser statement or invoice.
  • Printed matter – You can make use of shrink-wrap or maybe a band together with printed items as well as contain extra filler above and below the shipping box.

Tag It

  • Tape it. Make sure to seal all the flaps as well as seams securely along with a width of 2 to 3 inches nylon-reinforced or maybe pressure sensitive plastic tape and not cellophane, masking, cord/tape and many more that can maybe tangled in the sorting machinery. Pay attention that the larger and heavier packages, will require more tape than the smaller and lighter ones. Ensure that you put it tape in several directions in order for you to lessen and make your package stronger throughout the international shipping.
  • Keep it clean and organize. Whenever you are reusing a box, eliminate and wrap or even black out all the past markings as well as labels. Prevent paper wrapping on the exterior of the box.
  • Write it exact. You can print or write your label on a uppercase letters and ensure to put the full and exact country name without abbreviations in exact English. If it is an international address, you may write it on a foreign language, country, and province. Include also the foreign postal code as well on the line on top of the destination country and put your number. Make certain that the bar code is visible, clear and unwrinkled.
  • No bulges. Ensure that the top of the package is flat for shipping and routing labels, thus it will show which end is up.

Forms of Shipment-Verifying Bureau

Be exact and precise – make sure to accomplish all the line items on the form accurately, and pay attention to the asked questions regarding the content of your shipment, in addition do not forget to sign in. By the time you finish it, you can now place the form in a clear and adhesive envelop for easy access by the officials and carriers, then store the sender’s copy in a much safer place.

Now, you are not ready and all set for the ship. By following these easy and simple packing tips, for sure your package will come safely and secured at its destination at the same time comes to a satisfied and pleased international customer.

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