Logistic Service Pricing

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The prices shown on this page are just for reference.

If you want to know the actual price you can send us a message and we will send you an estimate. We are experiencing price changes every week, that is why you need to get in contact with us in order to get the most  accurate pricing.

In your message to us you need to include: your name, email, phone number and the cargo details. 

After you filled all the information, we will get back to you within 5 hours.


1) International Shipping

Customs clearance: US$50
Applying Customs inspection: US$50
Document fee: US$35
Handling fee: US$0.1/kg or Min US$35
Insurance fee: 0.3% of goods value
Ocean Freight or Air Freight: Click here 

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2) Fine Arts Logistics

On-site Survey: Free
Packing fee: From US$25 per square meter
Road Transportation: From US$1/kg/km
Export documents: US$145
Insurance: 0.8% of goods value

3) Exhibition Logistic Services

On-site Survey: Free
Packing fee: US$20 per square meter
Export documents: US$145
Insurance: 0.5% of goods value
Move-in Charge: From US$340
Dismantlement fee: From US$340

4) Household Moving

On-site Survey: Free
Inside Packing: US$60/cbm( Min 3cbm)
Liftvan: US$75/cbm
Customer Clearance: US$250 per shipment
Insurance: 3% of goods value
Delivery fee: From US$100

5) Project Logistics

On-site Survey: Free
Project Design: Free
Packing fee: US$20 per square meter
Trucking fee: From US$1/kg/km
Insurance: 0.3% of goods value