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custom clearance in China

Customs Clearance Broker

When dealing with imports or exports from China it is important that you have a good customs broker. China's Customs Authority and their business culture can prove to be very complex for someone who is not experienced in dealing with them. Also when doing business with a Chinese company and having your goods moved from China to your port of entry can mean that those goods may have to go through different countries. This means that you need a custom clearance broker who is well versed in international business and knows the laws of the different countries and the documentation that they require so that your goods are delivered to you in the quickest of time without any holdups anywhere.

Also when you look for a customs broker for your goods, you need to see that he is licensed not only in China but also in the USA and can meet all the federal requirements. A good customs broker will not only prepare all the documentation that would be required at both the shipping and receiving ends but will also send reports to any government agencies that require them. He would also oversee all international payments in foreign currencies and arrange bonds required for your shipment where necessary.

An experienced custom broker who is used to handling thousands of containers a year would definitely be a good customs broker than one who ships only a few containers a year.

If your goods are being shipped to you by sea, your customs broker needs to know how to file the requirements for vessel shipments. He needs to be well versed in the Importer Security Filings so that you do not have to pay any penalties for your shipment. Us importers need to submit documents regarding their shipment to the US Customs and Border Protection that give details about the manufacturer or shipper of the goods, country of origin, tariff classification as well as details of the importer.

These documents need to be delivered to the US Customs 48 hours before the shipment is boarded on to the ship.

What means to be a customs clearance broker?

A good customs broker should also be aware of security situations whereby you can import your goods from different suppliers in one shipping container. They must also be aware of how moving goods from China to Hong Kong will impact the shipping process of your goods. A good broker will have answers to all your questions about your shipment and be able to explain to you exactly what he would do to see that you receive your shipment without any delays or problems.

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