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In today's business environment many companies have targeted China as their base of operations. But though the cost of production is low here, the logistics in this country cause many problems. The cost of transporting goods in China is much higher than in developed countries and generally these logistic costs can be two or three times the normal costs.

Another factor affecting the project logistics in this country is that it does not have enough of a highway network to ease the transportation of goods. This fact combined with that the millions of trucks in the country are also owned by millions of trucking companies means that the transportation logistics are highly fragmented.

When it comes to project logistics you have not only to consider where your cargo is being manufactured and how to transport it to the point of shipment but you have also to consider where you want it delivered. Different cargoes may need different types of handling especially when it comes to specialty cargoes. You may need special delivery options and facilities to transport your cargo which could include heavy lifting and heavy cargo transportation or you might need special rigging or shockproof transportation.

There are other logistics that you might have to consider when it comes to your goods that you want transported. You might have a huge batch of goods from one manufacturer that you may want broken up and transferred to different destinations. Or you might want the goods packed in vacuum packaging which your manufacturer may not be able to do. All these different special requirements of your cargo add additional logistic problems which you might find difficult and costly to accomplish.

All of these project logistics combined with whether it is import of your product or export of the goods to your destination of choice may be difficult if you do not have the right company helping you get the job done in the right manner. You have the choice of hiring different companies to accomplish different parts of the whole project or you could have one company who has the experience and the right staff to do the job and see that you do not face any logistic problems. Having one company is the better choice since they will look into the project as a whole and be able to plan and execute without there being any delays or logistic problems. Having the experience to execute your project on the whole without having to break it up into its different sections makes far less likely that things could go wrong.

Why Us?

We at New Field Logistics have a combined experience of 23 years. Over the years we have performed all the different services to clients across the world. We have the experience of professional warehousing along with packaging and transportation. We offer our clients on site efficient manpower along with advanced machinery and first class integrated logistic services.

Today at New Field Logistics we are in a position to offer innovative solutions and creative routing solutions so that you can have your cargo delivered to any region in the world. We not only deliver cargo to developed countries but also have the experience and the manpower to see that any and all types of cargo to emerging and developing markets which may not have the infrastructure necessary to handle special project cargoes of enormous weight and volume.

Along with full service for any import or export of your cargo and goods our services include everything that you would need from vacuum packaging to breaking the bulk of your goods. We also offer heavy lift solutions or flat rack or open top transportation with all the rigging required to see that your cargo gets safely to the destination. Our specialty is in shock proof transportation as well as heavy cargo transportation along with equipment emplacement.