Why Use a Logistic Company Located in China?

February 24, 2015 @ 8:46 am
by Yan
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Logistics is an essential component in a complex global business environment. With supply chains extending beyond local reach, the right logistics partner can make a huge difference.

However, product distribution comes with many challenges, especially when carried in and out of China where services are not all that simple and straightforward. In this case, you should choose a logistics company that is located in China, such as Newfields Logistics (NFL).

US, China and European A+ Shipping Services

What makes this a great idea?

Improved Distribution Process

Logistics used to be a major problem in China. In fact, permits of more than a hundred delivery companies were cancelled in 2012, because of the growing number of complaints pertaining to theft, loss, improper handling of parcels and massive delays. Although the situation today is not exactly fail-proof, a lot has changed since then. With the rapid growth of e-commerce and the number of manufacturing firms, the need for a better project logistics in China is slowly being realized. It may be a while before an automated logistics network is built but initial steps are already in place. Without a doubt, the logistics landscape in China is changing.

Increase in Manufacturing Companies

As previously mentioned, China is seeing a huge growth in its manufacturing sector. In fact, a high percentage of US and European goods are imported from China, which calls for a better international shipping process and management. Do you think you would be importing China-made goods at some point in your business as well? As early as now, you should establish a relationship with a local forwarding company.

Knowledge in Chinese distribution and shipping rules

In China, logistics rules and regulations can change suddenly. VAT on delivery services, for example, has been changed repeatedly over the last two years, and implemented differently in different areas. This makes keeping up with the changes a real challenge. Since it is vital to be aware of the laws pertaining to product distribution or international shipping to avoid problems, it is best to partner with freight companies that are operating in China. Unlike other countries, Chinese logistics involve more paperwork, permits, stamps and other requirements that call for more manpower.

Why choose NFL?Newfield Logistics - Logistic services in United States, China and Europe

For one, NFL has a good relationship with a lot of local distributors, manufacturers and shipping companies. If you are just starting out in doing business in and with China, the company can lead you to the right companies that will meet your needs. Do you need manufacturers for shoes or bags? NFL can point you to the right direction.

For another, they are well-versed in Chinese logistics laws, including the low-carbon rules. It aims to reduce carbon emissions in the transportation and logistics sector to protect the environment. NFL has not only worked to reduce logistical costs, but also reduce waste. The company would not have lasted long if they fail at every turn or incur sanctions for violating certain rules.

Most importantly, they will take care of custom clearance the easy way. In fact, custom clearance is part of the entire process for international shipping. Whether goods come from China or not, they will be cleared without causing you any problems. In terms of exhibition logistics services, materials are cleared from customs prior to their shipment, upon arrival and even on their return to their point of origin.

Partnering with a logistic company in China will serve your interests best. But don’t settle for anything less than Newfield Logistics.

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