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What to Do to Find a Good Logistics Company?

What to Do to Find a Good Logistics Company?

May 12, 2015 @ 8:11 am
by Yan
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If you are looking to outsource product distribution, it is best that you choose the right logistics company to partner with. But with all the service providers out there, weeding out the good from the bad can be challenging.

Your best option is to choose a company that matches the criteria that really matters.

International Shipping Company

Integration of many services

One-stop shops have their merits, as they take the hassle out of buying a variety of stuff from different stores. The same thing should be true with a logistic company, especially if your business still has plenty of room to grow. They should offer a number of services, such as the following:

All these should be offered on top of the usual logistics services, including professional packing, storage solutions, customer care, freight management and cargo tracking. When you find all these in one company, then you know you have found the ONE.

Good cultural fit

A logistics company is an extension of your business. It is important that they share the same ethics or culture as you, which is crucial for proper process implementation and clear communication. Remember that delays in delivery will reflect badly on you. If a freight forwarder can’t promise timely and quality services, then you are clearly not on the same page.

Solid reputation

A firm’s reputation is a major deciding factor. No one will do business with someone who is dubbed as shady, dishonest or disreputable. So make sure to perform due diligence when choosing logistics company. Look into company references, customer feedbacks, reports or associations. Checking into the operational strategies and profit will also give you an idea of what you are dealing with.

Agile and adaptable

Can the company handle rush orders? Can they accommodate sudden changes in delivery time to meet certain requirements? Are they aware of the changes in the logistics rules or trends? Apart from these, a logistics firm must have the ability to meet your company’s retail distribution compliance requirements. It is illogical to hire them if they can’t even follow specific routing or labelling instructions.

Extensive experience

Not to overlook new businesses, but an experienced freight forwarder has certain advantages over budding companies. This is especially true if they have been in operation for more than a decade. If they remained successful all these years, there is little doubt of their capacity to give you what you need. But what is really important is that a company already has mastery of your industry. If you are in the manufacturing business, they should be well-versed in your industry in terms of logistics, and even import and export.

Competitive pricing

It’s easy to choose the company that offers the lowest rate, but price should not be the only deciding factor. Lower cost doesn’t always mean safe and timely delivery. What really matters is a dependable logistics provider that gives more value for your money. If the costing seems too high, you can always negotiate the best deal.

When doing business and sending or receiving goods in China, you would do well to partner with New Field Logistics. They meet all the criteria listed above and more. Apart from high quality, integrated services, they have a customer-oriented team and operate with the aim to reduce logistical cost and impact on the environment.

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