Why Use New Field Logistics to Ship Your Fine Art Exposition?

April 7, 2015 @ 9:04 am
by Yan
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Whether you’re the master behind the piece, or just a lover of art, you would want an artwork to be handled with utmost care. Considering that some fine art pieces are quite expensive, preservation would be foremost in your mind. So what you do you need to do when you have to ship fine art?

Fine Arts Exchibition Packing

Give New Field Logistics (NFL) a call. Operating since 1992, they are one of the longest-running logistics company in China, providing a wide range of services, including fine arts shipping in China. However, experience and a strong clientele are not the only reasons that NFL is recognized worldwide for excellent fine art logistics in China. The company also has the business ethos to deliver an excellent job.

  • Ensure safe delivery and transportation

Artworks damaged in transit are equivalent to nothing. Since repairing them are usually expensive and is likely to cause depreciation, they would probably end up in the dumpster. This can be heartbreaking for the artist or owner. With this in mind, don’t settle for anything less than the most reputable provider of fine art transportation in China, one that knows how to handle a valuable masterpiece, from the packing to the shipping. Well, NFL is an expert in fine art packing in China, delivery and the entire logistics process.

  • Carry out services in a professional manner

When it comes to fine art shipping, professionalism goes beyond being courteous and ensuring goods are delivered on time. The level of care provided must be respectful, reverential and should show on how the painting packing in China is done. Wrapping an artwork is not just placing an item in a bubble wrap and into a crate. There are other factors that must be considered, such as the climate changes that will occur during transit, length of trip (short or long), and the packing materials used. NFL fully understand this, which is why they can deliver international fine art shipping from China without fail and with as little hiccups as possible. As a company that also specializes in fine art exhibition service in China, they are also well-versed on how to manage shipment in such a way that artworks reach their destination in one piece and in good condition.

  • Offer cost-competitive services

Anyone can choose to charter a jet and have a painting personally and safely delivered to a buyer or gallery. But the cost involved is likely to eat up most of the profit, rendering a sale unprofitable. Now, compare this to the expenses incurred through painting shipping China, and you know it is more money-saving to have fine art shipped. While safety is a priority, it should be balanced against cost, which makes hand-delivery of fine art a more expensive option. exhibition shipping preparation in chinaApart from guaranteed safe shipment, NFL offers fine art shipping insurance in China as added protection. They offer a wide range of cover, including loss and damage. Buying insurance is a necessary precaution that every fine art shipper must make.

NFL’s services also extend beyond fine art and painting transportation in China. They also take away the hassle of setting up art installations, because they also cater to fine art exhibition display in China. Suffice to say that Newfield Logistics has the extensive knowledge and skills where fine art is concerned, from the shipment to installation. 

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