NFL – The Perfect Place to Go to If You Need to Take Care of Your Exhibition Logistic Services

February 2, 2015 @ 6:46 am
by Yan
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Are you planning to host an exhibition in China? Whether to display works of art or introduce a new product, exhibits provide the perfect venue and opportunity to expand your client base and make a sale. With all the tools needed in setting up an exhibition, however, participating in a global exposition can be a nightmare, unless you partner with a reliable and reputable logistics company.

When it comes to choosing exhibition services company in China, there is only one name you can trust — New Field Logistics (NFL). One of the leading logistics company in the country, NFL has been providing quality exhibition logistic services in China for the last 12 years to both local and foreign clients. Whether the exhibit is done in or out of China, NFL can help. We transport goods in and out of Asia, United States, Europe and other areas.

Exchibition Shipping services by New Field Logistics

The company strategy

In choosing a logistics partner, a lot of factors must be considered, but a priority would be the strategy a company uses. It is vital that you understand how the entire process is carried out, and whether or not they have the capacity to deliver excellent exhibition shipping services in China.

With NFL, it all starts with the gathering of information. Immediately after you call them about their services in exhibition display in China, you will be asked with the following questions:

  • When and what time is the exhibit?
  • Where is the exhibit held?
  • When is it possible to start the exhibition set up?
  • Should the exhibition materials by shipped by air or water?
  • What is the expected date and time of arrival of the exhibition materials?
  • Do you need the materials stored before and after the exhibit?
  • How long will the storage period be?

Along with your contact information, all your answers will help NFL to formulate a strategy fully tailored to your needs. The company treats every shipment to be different and, therefore, must be handled with a different process. This is what makes them an outstanding exhibition logistic services company in China.

Once booking has been made, freight management solution follows, which include confirmation of your shipment and collection of cargo. In the event that the exhibition materials will be shipped internationally, New Field Logistics will ensure that your items clear customs. Transportation of goods will then follow.

Upon arrival to its destination, NFL will also take care of custom clearance and then send the cargo to the exhibition site or to storage, if arranged. After the exhibit, the same process if followed, starting with collection of items to shipping them back home.

The company infrastructuresipping-carriers-types-of-transport-of-transporters

As an exhibition display company in China, New Field Logistics provides services to foreign companies exhibiting in China, companies touring exhibition throughout China, and Chinese companies holding exhibitions abroad. Such global reach would be impossible if a logistics firm does not have a foreign counterpart. NFL has an office in the United States that allows for easy and quick coordination in and out of China. Both offices also have the physical resources and accessibility to shipment data to collaborate with ease.

The company objectives

The aim of NFL is clear cut. As a reputable exhibition shipping service company in China, our goals is to satisfy our clients through transportation planning, dedicated and truckload services, management execution, payment and analysis. We also want to reduce logistical costs and provide qualitative work.

So the next time you participate in an exhibit in or out of China, always refer to New Field Logistics.

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